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 Subject: Wendy's
Author: Kacey  Posted: Sat Apr 30 7:01:08 PM MDT 2011 From: - MT
So today I picked up some deli chicken and stopped at Wendy's for baked potatoes. It's Saturday night, it's about 5:00 and I'm thinking shouldn't be an issue. We ordered and they took our money. We then were told to PULL UP and they would bring our potatoes out in a few minutes. After ten minutes I had to take my granddaughter in to use the restroom. I put her back in the car with Papa and headed inside. Five minutes later I was finally acknowledged by the only woman at the counter who was waiting on the only othere 2 people in line.

When I asked where my potatoes were she said that they didn't have any cooked when I ordered! I asked her why I was told that they'd be out in a few minutes. She said she didn't know. She went to the back. After a few more minutes a large man whose name tag said co-manager came out of the back. He said that there hadn't been any potatoes cooked and that they take an hour to bake.

I then asked why I wasn't told when I ordered. He didn't answer me. He then said he was microwaving my potatoes! I said if I wanted microwave potatoes that I could have done that at home. So he said he'd give me my money back. NO apology.

I asked how long until they were done. He said 46 seconds. I told him fine, I would take them. He then opened the door on the microwave and used his hand....and pushed down on one of the potatoes to see if it was done! Only knowing none of us were eating potato skins kept me from walking out right then.

He took a good five minutes to put the potatoes in the cartons and sacks. He then came and grabbed a piece of scrap paper. Said "WHAT"S YOUR NAME?" Not "I'm sorry and I'd like to make it up to you." I asked why he wanted my name. He said "Next time you're in town I'll...I"ll...give you two free potatoes."

I told him not to bother as I wouldn't be back next time I'm in town. I"ll get food from somewhere else or cook it myself.
 Subject: RE: Wendy's
Author: Donator Gunnar Emilsson  Posted: Sat Apr 30 8:52:05 PM MDT 2011 From: - MT
This is a classic Kacey post. Probably the best ever. Better than even the best top 5 Kacey posts regarding Sarah palin, ever. And that's saying a lot.

Miles Webmaster, could you perhaps bookmark this post somehow in this forum for future posterity?
 Subject: RE: Wendy's
Author: Septyswife  Posted: Sat Apr 30 10:57:02 PM MDT 2011 From: - MT

One trip of how many .. and it isnt a good experience... amazing.. let's get on Miles City Dot Com and just bash whoever for whatever cuz it will make us feel that we are better than everyone else,


If everyone wrote on here about their sometimes bad experiences with fast food or whatever, Larry would need to shut down due to lack of server space...

pathetic post for a part of life that happens to everyone sometimes no matter WHERE you go.

TL: DR : you shoulda got MASHED potatoes big grin

edited for grammar... didn't want someone to get an idea for yet another pointless threadroll eyes (sarcastic)

(SeptyTwo... not my wife.. shhh she sleeping right now)

wow my grammar sux tonite

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 Subject: RE: Wendy's
Author: Buck Showalter  Posted: Sun May 1 1:25:58 PM MDT 2011 From: - MT
 Subject: RE: Wendy's
Author: Smiley  Posted: Sun May 1 3:49:43 PM MDT 2011 From: - CA
LOL who bumped this? Wendy's of Montana sucks in general. The Miles City Wendy's just extra sucks. frown
 Subject: RE: Wendy's
Author: Donator Frank Hardy  Posted: Sun May 1 5:35:17 PM MDT 2011 From: - MN
How sad that the description that would raise stock prices at Kirby and Hoover is the curse of death at Wendy's.

Does Dan Quayle put his potatoe in a microwav?

 Subject: RE: Wendy's
Author: Jessica Newell  Posted: Sun May 1 9:41:29 PM MDT 2011 From: - MT
pretty much all the fast food places in miles city suck in one way or another....
 Subject: RE: Wendy's
Author: SsquaredDesign  Posted: Sun May 1 10:58:43 PM MDT 2011 From: - MT
pretty much all the fast food places in miles city suck in one way or another....

Fixed that for you.

Like anything else, you get what you pay for.
 Subject: RE: Wendy's
Author: Leann  Posted: Fri May 6 8:29:57 PM MDT 2011 From: - MT
Miles City just needs to get some good dinning places again. Bring back KFC. We also need a place that's open 24hrs 7 days a week.
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