Mail Fraud
Posted by Eric Brandt (+839) 12 years ago
I received a post card from ARC, inc today. Cute little peanut graphic - "We're going nuts trying to reach you!!"

Back side - Dear Eric
We've been trying to reach you! It is real important that you call toll free 1800-536-2514 Thanks Karen Hightower.

I'm reasonably sceptic anyway, but I figured I would call.

ARC: ARC May I help you?
ERIC: Yes, I need to know who you are
ARC: We are the American Reading Club.
ERIC: What do you do?
ARC: This is the Grand National Sweepstakes!
ERIC: How did you get my name and address
ARC: From a magazine subscription
ERIC: I don't subscribe to any magazines
ARC: Well, we but our contact lists from several sources
ERIC: Could you tell me a little more about your sweepstakes?
ARC: Good luck on the sweepstakes "click"

So, it was SCREAMINGLY obvious that this was in fact, the scam I thought it was. I knew that as soon as I pushed for real information they would cut their losses, and they did.

However, I called back...

ARC: ARC, May I help you?
ERIC: Yes, I'm sorry, I think we were disconnected. I was just asking about your sweepstakes.
ARC: "Click"

FBI: I called the FBI and they said "absolutely do not respond to that ad. it is definitely a fraud. They collect address, birth date, mother's maiden name, ssn, bank accounts, visa etc. Do not even call them, they add your number to the database and share it with others."

ERIC: What can I do to protect my community?

FBI: Nothing, there are hundreds of them. Just shred them. You can tell your local post office- they handle mail fraud directly. Tell you parents, friends and especially your grandparents.

So there. You stand warned (unless you are sitting)

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Posted by Eric Brandt (+839) 12 years ago
I also found this.
Where you will find this edit...

**EDIT: Thanks William T. (among other people who've replied recently). It looks like our good friends at ARC INC (now I.R.L. company) have adjusted their tactics. Good ol' Karen has been replaced by Maggie with a new number: 888-279-9221. And instead of them 'going nuts trying to reach you' now its: 'we have good news'. Seems the dancing peanuts have been replaced with a big smiley also. The exact text of the message is now: "We are trying to reach you with good news! It is real important that you call tool free 1-888-279-9221"
Posted by billyfletcherjr7 (+5) one year ago
I received a yellow post card with a peanut man that says Dear Billy, We're going NUT'S trying to reach you with some GOOD NEWS!


Horse of operation:
Mon-Thu 9am-9pm EST
Fri 9am-3pm EST
Sat 9am-1pm EST
On the post card it's stamped PRESENTED FIRST CLASS US POSTAGE PAID PERMIT 492 04101