Local Grassfed/finished Highland Beef
Posted by Bill Tramp 17 days ago
Gumbo Highland’s Certified Scottish Highland grass fed/ grass finished beef for sale.  2.5-3.5 year old steers finished on pasture. Quarters, halves, wholes or live available. These steers have been raised locally on grass and hay under the Quality Highland Beef Program. References are available. I’ve been selling highland beef locally since 2002. Hanging weight prices range from $2.20-2.40 per pound.  Hanging weights average approximately 600#. You pay USDA processing. Samples of ground beef are available. Call or text 852-0815.
Posted by Bill Tramp 6 days ago
Two steers were delivered to Quality Meats July 3. There's still time to get yours custom cut. I will sell bulk bundles as small as 1/8's. Custom cut instructions will not be available on 1/8's. Prices for halves and wholes is $2.20 per pound of hanging weight. Quarters are $2.40 and 1/8's are $2.50. Hanging weights on the two steers delivered are 704 and 778#. Processing is extra.

I'm scheduled to deliver two more steers July 17 if the demand is there.

Call or text 852-0815