Savage model 340 223Cal.
Posted by AL Kwasinski 12 days ago
I have a Savage model 340 series E made around 1956-or 1957 comes with three clips and one hundred and fifty rounds of ammo and a Bushnell Range finder scope 3-9-40 and a sling asking $425.00 or will trade for a diffrent rifle or hand gun this rifle is in verry good shape call me at 234-3191 ask for Al
Posted by milestown 12 days ago
The .223 came out about 1964.
Posted by AL Kwasinski 12 days ago
You could be right I was just going buy what I was told buy the seller if I am not right I am sorry thanks Al
Posted by John Hawkinson 12 days ago
Milestown is right, Savage didn't start chambering the 340 in 223 till 1964 or 65. Original chamberings in 56-57 would have been 22 hornet, 222, or 30-30. Watch out that this rifle may possibly be a 222 re-chambered to 222 magnum, which you sometimes get away with firing 223 in but get an empty case that's no longer usable-reloadable.
Posted by AL Kwasinski 11 days ago
I don't know if your right I got a 36 edition blue book of gun values and it shows on page 1715 the model 340 was made in 22hornet 222rem 223rem or 30 30 mfg 1950 to 1985 the EL 340 with aperture sights checkered stock and sling swivels 1951-till 1960 the one I have has the checkered stock and sling swivels and the one I have is a E series so I don't know if you are right or not and to me it is no big deal so thanks anyway Al
Posted by John Hawkinson 11 days ago
sorry Al, you have know how to read between the lines when it comes to getting information out of the blue book. Savage did not chamber the model 340 in 223 till 1964, If it is a mid 1950's gun it was originally 222. 223 was not released to the public till sometime in 1963. sorry for sticking my nose in your business, I was trying to point out that if it is a fifties vintage the re-chambering was more than likely to 222 magnum and firing 223 in 222 magnum can be dangerous. you say it is a checkered stock model which if it is a 1950's gun would be real cut checkering. If it is mid 1960's and therefore original in 223 it will be the pressed in type of checkering, which savage also switched to in 1964.