Really, really nice STETSON dress hat
Posted by Rob Shipley one year ago
X X X X      four (4) X  Stetson cowboy hat.
Size   7. Silver Belly. Four inch (4 ") brim. Higher crown. Nice feather.
I am 99% certain it has never been worn more than three (3) or  four (4) times.
This hat retails anywhere and everywhere for $285.00 to $335.00.
I have a great too many hats for sale. Cannot accept  any more trades.
THIS ONE IS A GREAT FIND for anyone needing a better hat, or, for any man or woman wanting to really make a close friend or relative very happy at Christmastime.
I am asking $65.00. Cash only. This deal is a STEAL.
Sixty-five dollars for a three hundred dollar hat is a STEAL anywhere anyone ever wants to shop.   [email][/email] Shipley