Attention Cigar Aficionados
Posted by Marty Scheid 11 months ago
I have approximately 250 assorted Cigar's and a 50 count Humidor and a 75 Count desktop 3 tier chest.  The humidor and chest have humidifiers and hygrometers, and have been maintained continously.
Cigars include quite a few Monte Cristo's, some Acid's some Oliveros some Helix, and many other name brands and some unbanded every day cigars.
A couple of Cigar cases and a Herfador for traveling, along with some other accessories, lighters cutters and other misc. 
I will also add a fairly good assortment of pipe tobacco's in sample sized bags approx 1-2 oz per bag many flavors.
I have not smoked one in years.  So all must go!
To see the complete selection and accessories contact me. All items are in Miles City
406-234-0463 home lv msg
406-351-9436 cell lv msg or text
Posted by Marty Scheid 11 months ago
All Sold!!