Lost Sheltie
Posted by Olive one year ago
Lost Male Sheltie Name is Jack Is 3 year old child's best friend If you know where this dog is, have seen this dog, know what area this dog is staying in, if he is coming on your property every day and night Please Call 234-2464 or 852-3580 and 406-560-2102 I have a live trap to catch him in if he will not come to anyone cause he might be scared. REWARD for his safe return to family
Please post/reply to this ad/post any and all information good or bad about this dog. Thanks for any and all help in locating this dog and reuniting him with his family. Please post any and all sightings on here Thanks for everyone's cooperation

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Posted by Olive one year ago
Is there anyone in the Miles City Community who knows what area this dog is hanging around in? know who has this dog? If you know what area this dog is in Please Call 406-560-2102 so I may set a live trap to catch him in Also call 234-2464 and 852-3580 REWARD for his safe return Thanks for all cooperation in finding and reuniting this dog with his family The weather is getting too cold for him to be outside
Posted by DJ4 one year ago
Pretty sure I saw him between the Quala wash and the railroad tracks. Friday around 3:30 pm.
Posted by Olive one year ago
Thank you DJ4 for the information about the sheltie.
Any news good or bad about this dog would be greatly appreciated information as to what area he is spending a lot of time in post all sightings on here You can text 406-560-2102 day or night with any and all sightings of this dog so a live trap can be brought to the area he is spending time in so he may be caught Call text 852-3580 and 234-2464 The weather is cold Please let the Miles City Community get this dog home to safety Thanks for everyone's cooperation
Posted by Olive one year ago
Thank you to everyone especially The Staff and Employees of Qualawash Holdings LLC for letting us know Jack the Sheltie was staying in the area behind their building and Jack has been caught and found and is safely home Thanks to the Miles City Community for reuniting Jack the Sheltie with his family
Posted by MRH one year ago
Wonderful news!!!!
Posted by RA one year ago
So THANKFUL that Jack has been found and reunited with his family!! Bless each and everyone that had a hand or paw in this story with the happiest of endings!