RV Parking Spot
Posted by jimdeastfork 9 days ago
I have a friend who is considering locating in Miles City.   Any ideas where he can park a RV, live without drama, and not break the bank will be much appreciated.   Thanks
Posted by schmitzdj 9 days ago
Check with smittys trailer park across the street from KOA. We stayed there often. If he has anything open will rent to rvs
Posted by jimdeastfork 9 days ago
Thanks, appreciate the heads up.
Posted by JKKB 8 days ago
If Smitty's trailer court (Scott's Trailer Court) doesn't have a spot for you I have a private spot available for a RV. Four o six- 8 five 3- twelve fifty.
Posted by jimdeastfork 7 days ago
Thank you also. Both suggestions have been forwarded to my friend.