Lost Brittany Spaniel
Posted by Olive 11 days ago
Lost Brittany Spaniel from area of the New Armory in Miles City, MT If you have seen or found this dog contact/message Taryn Lehner-Micheletto on facebook

Posted by Echohawk 10 days ago
This dog has been roaming Leighton toward the landfill several times in the last 2 days including in the middle of the night last evening. I dont have facebook so please pass along. Thxs!
Posted by Taryn Micheletto 9 days ago
This dog was only gone for a few hours the night that Laura posted this, otherwise he is contained at all times, must have a look alike?
Posted by Echohawk 9 days ago
Same dog Taryn. Not too many Brittneys in the area. You might want to check your yard better. Your dog is lucky it wasnt hit by a car or shot for chasing livestock.
Posted by Taryn Micheletto 8 days ago
hmm....no possible way it was our dog other than the 1 night he got out for a few hours. He is confined in a 6 foot tall chain length fence with cement all along the bottom. The only way he can get out is if he is in the main yard and the gate gets left open which is what happened while we were eating supper, on the night he went missing. He is always supervised while in the main yard. He has bee around livestock and never been known to chase them, we were worried about him getting hit by a car but we were doing all we could out looking for him. He is not a Brittany Spaniel, he is a French Brittany.
Posted by Olive 6 days ago
This is Taryn's dog I copied the picture she posted on facebook and he has been found and is safe and sound Thanks

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