Posted by jgh369 one year ago
So I have PTSD and am need of a new companion. I had to put down my 12 year old Maltese last year and it was devastating to me and my 3 year old. I am now ready for a new addition to our family but i cannot and will not pay $75+ for a puppy with all the costs to have one in this town to begin with.  I will take care of it like my own child and it will be cared for but i come from a town where animals were in abudance and the most youd pay was a$25 rehoming fee. My daughter needs a puppy so she can grow with it and wont have to worry about temperment. I will take a kitten if can find a siamese or looks almost siamese, as that is what my family always had. If you know of anyone willing to help us out or know of a baby that would be a good fit to grow up wth my daughter please comment here
Posted by awright one year ago
I have a 1 year old boxer lab..she is fixed has had rabies shot..great with kids as she is around my 3 month old..8524509
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Posted by ocne 11 months ago
There's another individual who just posted about having kittens looking for good homes. Not sure if any of them are Siamese but would be worth looking into!