Silver bullion for sale
Posted by silver bug one year ago
Am selling silver bullion. Selling in 10 ounce lots, each lot has 10 1 oz rounds of 99.9% pure silver. Each lot of 10......$220.00. Silver Bug (406)853-1662
Posted by jeff boggs one year ago
Silver is at $15.53 today
Posted by silver bug one year ago
if you can buy it ANYWHERE for that, I will buy you 10 ounces!!! If you cant, and I know you cant, you can buy me 10 ounces. Deal? Companies don't turn a profit selling at spot prices, there is a markup, shipping, handling......on and on. Yes, the spot price for silver is at 15+ but that don't mean you can buy it for that. Buy it from me and it is in your hand today. Buy it online or anywhere else, by the time you get it, you will be paying about 20 an oz. I charge just a little extra for a convenient, worry free, easy way to get this precious metal directly into your hands. Do we have a deal on the 10 oz challenge? No, that's what I thought.