Q: Is Air Duct Cleaning really necessary?
Posted by AD Astra Air Duct Cleaning 17 days ago
A: Only if you're a person who breathes (and enjoys breathing clean air). 

Simply put, if you can recognize the benefit of vacuuming your floors, you can understand the importance of having your air ducts cleaned. All of the nasty stuff that your vacuum cleaner sucks up from your carpet can be found in your air ducts. No one likes getting a face full of dust, dirt, dander, and detrius when they empty the vacuum bag, but that's exactly what you're getting when you turn on your air conditioning when your air ducts aren't clean.  

And unless you're a fan of these not-so-fine fellows (http://ehso.com/ehshome/dustmites.php), you'd probably prefer having as few of them as possible in your home. The good news is that we at AD Astra Air Duct Cleaning really REALLY hate dust mites. We're also not particularly fond of pet hair and dander, mold, fungus, and other biological nasties that live in your ducts. 

That's why AD Astra Air Duct Cleaning uses the best equipment on the market to clean your ducts and eliminate such things from your HVAC system. Not only do we use superior equipment, we utilize the most effective techniques to make sure your ducts are not just clean, but SANITIZED (with EnviroCon biocide - http://www.bio-cide.com/a...envirocon/). We do the job right, and that includes sanitizing. 

But just as important to us as doing the job right, is conducting ourselves the right way. That's why we don't charge extra for sanitizing. Other companies charge anywhere to $100-300 for this integral part of the process. Have you ever changed your oil without replacing the filter? Of course not. The same reasoning applies here. You wouldn't leave a job half done and neither would we.  

We also don't charge by the vent. Many companies will charge $100 per vent, and frankly, that practice is ridiculous and we're not afraid to say so. Not every home has the same number of vents per square foot, so using such a methodology to determine price is, frankly, a way to take advantage of customers. We wouldn't think of such a thing, so we base our pricing on square footage.  

We also never lose sight of the fact that we're guests in your home or business. We take pride in our professional expertise, but we're not going to strut around in your home and make you feel uncomfortable as we brag about ourselves and treat you as though you're in our way. We're in business to serve the customer, not to have customers cater to us. 

We would love the opportunity to show you what we're all about and make your home an even better place to be. And if you own a business, we'd love to make your establishment as inviting to customers as possible. Details matter.

Give us a call at (406) 927-4608 or email us at ADAstraAirDuctCleaning@hotmail.com for a free estimate. We'd be happy to answer any questions you may have. Find us on the web at http://www.ADAstraAirDuctCleaning.com and on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/...tCleaning/.

Mention this ad and we'll knock $50 off your bill. Can't beat that, can you? 

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Things that go bump in the night: creepy-crawlies in your air ducts ...
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You should never be charged by the vent, because homes of comparable size can vary widely when it comes to the number of registers and returns they have. We recently cleaned the ducts in a home for roughly a third of what a competitor would have charged at $100 per vent.

We base our estimates on total square footage of your home or business, as there is a much more consistent correlation between a building's square footage and the amount of duct work it has. We also make sure to provide a price range so that you know what to expect when you receive your bill.
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We'll be in Custer County on Thursday, July 19. We're fully booked for the day, but if you see us in town, feel free to wave us over to say hi. We'll be happy to schedule another trip to Miles City for whoever is interested.

We're also happy to announce that we are now fully accredited by the Better Business Bureau, so you can have peace of mind knowing that we're not only neighborly, we're professional and competent, as well.

We'll never charge you $100 per vent or make you feel like you're not a priority. We're happy to come make your home a place where you can breathe even more easily. Give us a call at (406) 927-4608 today for a free estimate!