Springfield xds
Posted by RJ 9 months ago
I have for sale or trade a new Springfield XDS 9mm. Comes with extra mags and ammo. Great gun for a conceal carry. I can send pictures. For trades I'm mostly looking for rifles or would possibly be interested in other things
Posted by AL Kwasinski 9 months ago
I am interested in your gun what are you asking for it or what kind of a rifle are you looking for I have 9 rifles for sale or trade give me a call 234-3191 ask for AL new in the box with paddle holster MSR is $599.00 on your gun
Posted by AL Kwasinski 9 months ago
I am sorry that I made you an offer I know who you are how and I don't wish to deal with you good luck AL
Posted by dcc 9 months ago
Some things are better off not said there AL you could just say your not interested anymore that's how we create hate well anyways AL a lot of people could lose your number but one day the Feds won't you really should get a license as much gun activities you do I'm surprised they have not showed up yet good luck to you and God bless.

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