"Some Restrictions Apply" - Caveat Emptor!
Posted by AD Astra Air Duct Cleaning one year ago
"Some Restrictions Apply"

If you see this in an advertisement or on a coupon, you should immediately be skeptical. We've recently encountered an ad for another service provider in Eastern Montana that offers "Air Duct Cleaning" for $399.

The only caveat listed in the text of the coupon is that the price covers "up to 15 openings." This (ostensibly) means returns and heat registers, but it's worth seeking clarification.

At any rate, your home's air duct system is far more than just your vents. If only your vents are addressed, your system simply is not clean. It's also worth noting that few homes have 15 or fewer "openings."

Regardless of which company you choose to clean your air duct system, be sure to ask the following questions to know what "restrictions" may or may not apply pertaining to your home:

- What will I be getting for the price I am paying? Will my ENTIRE system be cleaned for the agreed-upon price?

- If my ENTIRE system will not be cleaned, how much will it cost to have the service done completely and correctly?

- Is sanitization included in the price? If not, how much will it cost to have my air duct system sanitized?

Be sure to get solid answers to your questions, and if you're feeling unsure about what service you'll receive for what you'll pay, shop around until you feel comfortable with the answers you receive.

Remember, every home is different and there is no one-size-fits-all price. Refuse to be overcharged or underserved.

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