Fully loaded Elite Synergy bow
Posted by Agraber88 one year ago
Elite Synergy bow w/SKB case
-14 arrows
-7 broadheads
- a handful of field tips
- a couple judo tips
- a thing of wax
- a Blackgold 7 pin sight
- a QAD dropaway rest
- bee stinger stabilizer
- tight spot quiver
- a Scott little goose release
- and a wrist sling
I bought this bow and hunted with it one season and killed 3 animals w/ it just got a deal on another bow from a buddy and don't need both. It is a very very fast and quiet bow that I have absolutely no complaints about. The back wall on the bow is the best I've ever seen I held back for 2+ minutes without a problem on the first deer I killed. Call or text 567/525/1161 w/ any questions or for pictures
Posted by Darastrix one year ago
What is the pull weight and draw on it? How much are you asking for it?