1978 Dodge sportman motorhome..
Posted by jp7 one month ago
318 motor,sleeps 6..good shape,in Billings call 406-855-6015
Posted by jp7 one month ago
Posted by jp7 22 days ago
still for sale..
Posted by AL Kwasinski 21 days ago
I am interested in your motor home what are you asking for is call234-3191 in miles city ask for Al or post here
Posted by jp7 16 days ago
still for sale...was on road from Idaho to Billings
Posted by jp7 11 days ago
well send pic..just call and ask..asking 2,500..takes it
Posted by AL Kwasinski 10 days ago
I am still interested in your Motorhome please send picks and I need to know how long it is and the miles on it AL Kwasinski in miles city 234-3191
Posted by jp7 8 days ago
still for sale