Rollling Rubbers future?
Posted by wheelerdealer1 one year ago
Is it true They are moving? and when, and where, I heard So, Haynes , Have they sold out? any help would be nice, to clear up all the rumors, thanks .
Posted by Carol Bean one year ago
Thanks for the question. No, we have not sold out (still locally owned) and are not leaving Miles City. We are however, condensing our 2 Miles City locations into one location on South Haynes Ave (our current Truck Center). This location is able to accommodate our commercial as well as light vehicle traffic. While we are sad to leave the downtown area after 30 years, we will continue to serve our customers with quality service. We offer valet service where we are able to pick up your vehicle and return it after the service is complete. We will retain the downtown location for warehousing and are committed to not letting it become an eyesore.  We hope to have our move completed by the first of April.

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