Does anyone do old tube radio repairs around Miles
Posted by Joel reagor 14 days ago
Looking to get an old tube type car radio repaired.
Posted by Amorette F. Allison 12 days ago
Is Ben Rentschler still around doing them?
Posted by Ed who fishes 12 days ago
No - Ben had Radios Reborn in Miles City - but Ben passed away almost a year ago.
Posted by Tim Miles 12 days ago
I would be interested in your project.

Do you just need it to work, or do you want it restored?
I may be able to replace the dried out capacitors, and give it a good cleaning, but it would no longer be OEM.

What year and model is it from?

Thanks, Tim
Posted by prospector86 11 days ago
Yea, Ben's been dead going on a year. His wife is currently selling the contents of his radio repair shop...get ahold of his wife if anyone is interested in that type of stuff
Posted by Joel reagor 11 days ago
I would just like it working..Its in a 1951 Plymouth cranbrook.I believe its 812 model that was a 6 volt system now switched to 12 volt.Give me a call 853 6415
Posted by Hanson 10 days ago
I would like to have the radio in my 1947 ford tuned up. It works but only gets stations on 1/2 of the dial and its not as loud or clear as it should be. Feel free to get back to me on working on it, at your convenience, this spring. Call 232-3074 or 232-2134. Thanks.
Posted by Renegade 9 days ago
Tim would you be interested in looking at my shufflepins game ?
Posted by jimdeastfork 4 days ago
I have a 1947 Crosley console that I was hoping to fix.... Dang, came across the Radio's Reborn listing a couple of weeks ago and was planning to contact the business. Is there someone in Billings or Forsyth who works on old tube type units?
Posted by Tim Miles 4 days ago
I am just setting up shop at the moment, I have the '51 Chrysler radio on the bench.
When I work through that, I would like to look at the other items requested on here.
I will post some updates as I work through my first tube radio in 30 years...
If all goes well, I will open up for more projects.

Thank you for your interest and patience.