Rifles for sale
Posted by sk 9 months ago
I have two rifles for sale, I have not used either of these for quite sometime.  Both rifles are in good shape. Remington mod. 788 in 22-250 has 4x16 scope and 2 mags also a Mini 14 Ranch Rifle .223 has a 4x Burris scope and 2 mags 10rnd and 20rnd.  These are good Coyote rifles. I am asking $500.00 for each rifle or a package deal of $900.00 for the pair.  Please message me at this sight for futher details.
Thanks for looking!
Posted by Elk Hunter 9 months ago
Interested in a trade for a ruger m77 7mm mag all stainless for the mini 14?

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Posted by sk 9 months ago
I think that I will pass. Thanks for the interest
Posted by MichaealE. 8 months ago
I am interested in the mini 14, can you send a few pictures? thanks!
Posted by Quirt 8 months ago
can I get your phone number, I would like to talk to you about your rifles.
Posted by Steve Z 8 months ago
I am interested in the mini. Please call 853 4911. Thank You.
Posted by Quirt 8 months ago
interested in both of your rifles, call 406-853-5182
Posted by sk 8 months ago
Good Morning:
I must apologize to everyone who responded to my ad. I was and am unavailable for a few day but will be back on Tuesday the 31st. I will contact each person who contacted me at that time. I am sorry for any inconvenience.